How long do the results of a facelift last?

You will always retain the benefits from your facelift surgery. You put the clock back and start again. However, you are up against the continued ageing process. It would be fair to say that, if a facelift makes you appear 10 years younger, you will always retain that 10-year advantage. The trick, of course, is to delay the effects of ageing with aesthetic treatments, which are non-surgical.

There are other factors that determine how long a facelift will last, such as age of the patient and the condition of the patient's skin. Darker skin that is in a healthy condition will respond better at the time of the surgery, as opposed to fairer skin that has sun damage or is thinner. However, patients who are under the age of 60 typically have the longest lasting results. Most will not need another.

The skill of the surgeon and the technique used are also an important factor in the longevity of a facelift. The natural ageing process will continue after a facelift, but with a skilled surgeon and with the proper maintenance you can expect to stay looking 10 years younger than your current age for a minimum of 5 years following the procedure. There are a lucky few who retain all the benefit and never seem to age again.

The Cadogan Clinic has a full range of advice available from not only our surgeons, but also our dermatologists and aestheticians. Most patients will only need one facelift in their lives and there are some who 10 years later look as fresh as immediately after their facelift feeling fresh and youthful. A facelift repositions the skin and soft tissues. We have lasers, peels, botox and fillers to enhance the skin quality. The latest and possibly the best adjunct is Stem cell treatment.

Helpful tips to make your facelift last longer!

+ Don’t smoke! Smoking ages you, accelerating the ageing process dramatically.
Drink less alcohol! Alcohol dehydrates your skin and we want your skin to remain firm and supple in order for results to be long-lasting.
Keep a healthy weight! Significant weight fluctuations can change the shape and elasticity of the skin on your face. To remain that vibrant, youthful look following your facelift, avoid or cut back on alcohol.
Drink lots of water! Water hydrates your skin, it keeps the face looking full and fabulous.
Always wear sunscreen! Every day- no exceptions. The sun damages your skin, causes wrinkles and advanced ageing.
Take care of your skin! Following the instructions laid out to you by your surgeon for proper aftercare are of the utmost importance. It’s also important to use high-quality skin creams, serums and to continue having professional treatments such as peels, fillers or Botox to continue to support your desired aesthetic.  

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