A Dermamelan peel is a facial treatment designed to improve mainly stubborn hormonal based pigmentation such as; melasma, chloasma and lentigo.  It can also be an effective in reducing the signs of photo-damage on the skin, regulating oil secretion, reducing pore size and helping to prevent breakouts.  It also improves the overall luminosity, glow and tone of the skin.

How Dermamelan Works

The peel itself contains Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, Titanium Dioxide and Retinyl Palmitate which block the production of melanin by irreversibly inhibiting tyrosinase - an enzyme involved in melanin synthesis to help reduce pigmentation formation.  This process does not make the melanocytes disappear, but simply paralyses or stops melanin production, without risk of white blemishes appearing, thus, improving the complexion of your skin long term.

Dermamelan can be used safely on all skin types any time of year with good tolerance, it is recommended as one of the most effective methods of reducing the appearance of stubborn types of pigmentation. 

What to Expect

Your practitioner will prepare your skin by removing all grease, makeup and other debris so that the Dermamelan mask can be applied. The application is quick and straightforward and takes approximately 20 minutes - you will leave with the clinic with the mask left on your face where it must remain undisturbed for around 12 hours.  You can eventually remove the mask at home with soap and water as directed, and you will then need to adhere to the maintenance routine as instructed by your practitioner.

Dermamelan Side Effects

The most typical side effects include; redness, peeling and flaking of the skin during the first week following your Dermamelan peel treatment – these are very common and completely normal.  You may feel tightness of the skin for a couple of days after the mask is removed and you will most certainly experience redness following the removal of the mask. 

These side effects subside after a few days, you will then notice peeling or flaking of the skin during the first week following your Dermamelan peel treatment - we can provide you with a specific moisturiser to relieve this.  You may prefer to take a couple of days off work following your treatment for the peeling to settle.

What Results to Expect

The Dermamelan mask is usually applied once but if you have severe pigmentation then a second mask can be applied a couple of weeks after your first treatment to ensure you get the best possible results. To enhance results further, you are recommended to use the specific Dermamelan homecare products for several months after your treatment.

Depending on the severity of your pigmentation and the speed at which you fully heal after your treatment (usually around 3-6 days) you will see a noticeable improvement in the tone and luminosity of the skin after approximately 2-8 weeks.  Your practitioner will advise you on how to use any homecare products which will prevent further pigmentation recurring.

You will need to attend a full and thorough consultation with a specialised and experienced practitioner to establish your suitability, needs and to discuss any risks and side effects before having the treatment.


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