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“I found the surgeon of my dreams on my second consultation”

Pre & Post Op Tips, What To Expect & How To Decide On A Surgeon

Emilia Wilson shares her experience of having breast augmentation. 

Emilia explains that she didn’t like the shape of her breasts and had always wanted tear-shaped natural looking breasts that were proportionate to her body. She didn’t need a breast augmentation to be happy but it was something she wanted. She waited until her body had stopped developing before making the decision to proceed with the augmentation.

Emilia conducted extensive research in the lead up to her breast augmentation procedure and was very specific when choosing her breast surgeon. She advises prospective patients to have at least two consultations with surgeons before making the decision. She also highlights the importance of meeting the surgeon who will be performing the procedure in person, to ensure that they understand and are aligned with your vision. At her first consultation at a clinic in Harley Street, Emilia only met the nurse. Her second consultation was at the Cadogan Clinic where she met with a specialist consultant who she chose to be her breast surgeon. At the Cadogan Clinic, all surgical consultations are conducted with a surgeon who fully understands the procedure, capabilities and limitations.

Cadogan Clinic led the implementation of Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality imaging, being the first clinic in the UK to launch the technology. Crisalix 4D provides patients with a 4D visualisation of what the breast size and shape will look like on the body as well as demonstrating how it will move in real time. This empowers the patient to make educated decisions on choosing the perfect sized implant that will achieve their aesthetic goals. It enables patients to “try before they buy”, giving a much higher level of patient satisfaction.

  • Do your research
  • Meet your surgeon in person at the consultation (not just a nurse)
  • Choose a surgeon who listens to you, is attentive and understands your objectives
  • Look at the before and after photos of the surgeon’s work
  • Inexpensive operations don’t mean quality
  • Trying on different sized bras will not give you an accurate understanding of the best size of shape for your body
  • Go for the size implants that fit your body
  • Choose a time to have your procedure when you are less busy with work, so can take time to recover
  • Tell your friends and family about your surgery prior to having the procedure so you can prepare them (Mimi was surprised that people were non-judgemental and very supportive)
  • Enlist help for the first few days’ post operation
  • Make purchases such as a pregnancy pillow, remedies for recovery e.g. arnica, fibre, water bottles/hydration pack with straw, food
  • Stay hydrated – pre and post procedure
  • Eat healthily pre and post op to support recovery

It’s important to remember that all patients will have their own, unique journey but researching the procedure, recovery and surgeon is absolutely essential for each individual to ensure the best patient experience and outcome.

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