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Dr Mayou in Grazia

Dr Mayou in Grazia

Monday, March 19, 2018

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Susan Mayou was featured in Grazia’s In Case of Dermergency article, which explores the field of dermatology in the UK.

With countries such as the US, Canada, France, Germany and Italy having 10 times the number of dermatologists per head than the UK, many individuals heavily rely upon GP advice for skin complaints rather than seeking the expertise of a dermatologist specialising in the condition.

Tech is also playing a bigger role in in health, including the skin. Younger people are more frequently (incorrectly) self-diagnosing “I see patients all the time looking things up on the internet and getting it wrong.’ Dr Mayou strongly advises face to face consultations, as images are always open to misinterpretation. 

Dr Mayou was listed as one of Grazia’s Top Dermatologists “We love Dr Mayou’s no-nonsense approach to everything from suspect moles to Botox.’ 

Read the article here.

To book an appointment with Dr Mayou please call 0808 274 9288.