Will I have any scarring after a facelift?

Of all the scars you may have from plastic surgeries, scars on the face are the best of the whole body. They are not only well hidden, but also settle inefficiently. For most healthy people, surgical scars of a well-performed facelift do not cause any issues. Even for patients who produce keloid scars can consider having a facelift, even though they will require extra Cadogan scar aftercare treatment.

Facelifts are becoming less invasive and scars fewer. Nevertheless, the standard scars themselves are short and hidden around the contours of the face, in the front of the ear, under the earlobe and in the crease behind the ear. Most will be hidden by the hair from day one, and make-up can be applied immediately after the sutures have been removed. Majority of clients find that the scars are fine with make-up after a week or so, and that they are happy with the visibility of scars without wearing any make-up after a month or so. 

We have a Cadogan Clinic scar aftercare regime using applications twice a day, and a laser treatment for the scars from the third week. Very rarely, for patients that tend to form keloids, we have stronger scar aftercare treatment options available. 

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