Will my breast look natural after breast augmentation?

Our aim at The Cadogan Clinic is to give you perfectly natural breasts. However, they have to be what you want. Sometime patients will say that they do not want to look natural! We will do our best after careful discussion to give you what you want.

An important factor is to consider what we start with. Patients often show photographs from the internet of their desired result and it is just not possible. It is nevertheless helpful to see what we should be aiming for. We can then discuss what we can do and see whether this is going to be sufficient. Our worst nightmare is to have a patient who is expecting one thing and we give another. We might feel that we have done a good operation, but you wanted and expected something else. This is an important discussion.

Careful planning with you of the size and shape is essential and this is followed by a perfect technique. However, the implant alone may not be adequate. We may need to consider also carrying out a breast lift or mastopexy. Thin patients may need to have the implant put at a deeper level under the pectoral muscle to avoid sharp edges making the implant visible.

These days we often need to disguise these edges with fat grafts (Lipofilling). This is such a useful technique for final adjustments.

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