Will I be able to sit immediately after my buttock augmentation?

You will be able to sit immediately after you buttock augmentation, but there will likely be restrictions on how you can sit and for what length of time. The interesting fact is that most of the transferred fat is placed higher on the buttocks to produce that youthful pert effect.

We sit on the boney part of the pelvis called the ischial tuberosities and fat is never placed here. The question should be “Will I be able to I lie on my back after my buttock augmentation?”. In this case, you will be lying directly on the transferred fat which is trying to pick up a new blood supply to survive. Prolonged pressure should be avoided for 3 weeks. Patients should not be too concerned about displacing the fat, as it is fixed in tunnels but do be sensible. You will also be wearing a restraining elastic corset.

The fat is processed into small globules, each small enough to survive by gaining nutrients via tissue fluid in the short term and then by the connection with local blood vessels. This process will be disturbed and delayed by the aggressive movement. So stay at home for a couple of days, walking a bit further each day. Travelling to work in a week is reasonable with heavy exercise delayed a month.

We are not concerned by the areas treated by liposuction, donor sites for fat harvesting.  They may be bruised and a little sore. The result of the reduction will not be affected by movement or pressure. By all means, lie on them to save pressure on the grafted fat of the upper buttocks.

Here are some techniques to help minimize your discomfort post-procedure:

+ Wear the support garment given to you by the surgical team except for washing. They dry very quickly.
+ Avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, lay on your side or your stomach.
+ Avoid sitting whenever it is possible to stand.

As with all procedures, it is important to allow yourself the proper time to rest and recuperate. It will be tempting to push yourself to get back to normal activities as soon as possible, but you put yourself at risk for unnecessary discomfort and shifting of your treatment if you do. Take the time for your body to settle into its new shape. It will all be worth it when you see the amazing final results of your procedure.

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