Why is the Cadogan Clinic passionate about scar management?

Damage to the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, will heal without scarring.  However, as soon as an incision enters the deeper layer of the skin then scarring is inevitable.  The wound heals by the production of collagen, which in fact is scar tissue.  We aim to achieve sound healing with a minimum amount of collagen formation.  A new, young scar is pink and sometimes raised or hypertrophic and with time will fade to a mature white.  We aim to reduce the time of maturation.

There are a number of people who produce scars which do not mature, but continue growing and become keloid.  Patients with darker skin, or much paler skin and red hair, are more likely to produce poor scars.  They will usually have some previous experience of this.  Such patients can still undergo surgery, but have to be treated with special care.

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