Who is a suitable candidate for buttock augmentation by fat transfer?

Volume enhancement of your buttocks through fat transfer is suitable for patients who have enough fat in other parts of their body to conduct the transfer. Suitable candidates must have a significant amount of fat on their body and should be overall healthy. Those who unhealthy, or those who smoke, are likely to have a more challenging recovery than those who are healthy.

Before undergoing the procedure, your suitability for the procedure will be assessed during your initial consultation and examination. During this consultation, your doctor will assess your medical history and will ask you questions about your motivations and goals for this procedure. Your answers must be reasonable and healthy. If the doctor sees you as a good fit, you will move forward with the treatment options.

Ultimately, the final result of your fat transfer to buttocks procedure will depend on your current shape, size, and amount of fat on other parts of your body that can be extracted to be re-distributed. Throughout the years, your buttocks may change in shape and size. This is normal. It’s important to remember that this is because your body naturally changes as you age, not because of a botched procedure. Also, because the transferred fat tissue will behave like other fat in your body, an increase or decrease in weight will cause your buttocks to change. If you gain weight, your buttocks may get bigger. If you lose weight, your buttocks may get smaller. But if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your buttocks should remain the same size and shape. 

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