Which is the treatment of lichen sclerosus?

Treatment of lichen sclerosus is necessary not only to improve sexual and urinary functions in these patients, but also because if left untreated, lichen sclerosus can degenerate into cancer of the penis. 

In the early stages of lichen sclerosus, local application of steroid creams can lead to improvement of the symptoms. However, patients need to be aware that lichen sclerosus always recurs when the applications are stopped.

When there is no response to application of topical steroids or in the more aggressive forms of the disease, treatment of lichen sclerosus involves excising all the affected skin, which is sent to the laboratory for analysis.

In fact, lichen sclerosus and cancer of the penis coexist in up to 10% cases.

When lichen sclerosus is more diffused, the penis needs to be reconstructed with the use of skin grafts. This procedure, in experienced hands, leads to excellent results, with satisfactory restoration of sexual and urinary function. 

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