When can I go back to normal life after a Mini-Lift Surgery?

The whole point of the mini-lift is that it should cause minimal disruption. That are minimal scars, minimal interference with tissue, minimal risk and minimal recovery time. Yes, there will be a little bruising and a few well-hidden scars. There may be an overnight bandage, but little discomfort. 

You may work from home the next day, but it will depend on how sensitive you are to the detection of recent surgery, as to when you go out to meet people. Some will manage the next day. A few wait until sutures are removed. The point is that you will not be jeopardising the result by going out.

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Mr. Tunc Tiryaki

Mr. Tunc Tiryaki

Mr. Tunc Tiryaki is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in facial surgery.

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