Are there risks are associated with labiaplasty surgery?

You must be certain exactly what you want from the procedure. This includes not just the appearance, but also the expectation of the effect that this will have on you and your sex life. Discuss this carefully with your surgeon as disappointment is really the worst outcome.
There always swelling and bruising and this may take a few weeks to settle. Bleeding or more specifically, oozing, is also common for a day or so.

Less commonly, we see delayed healing and local infection. This usually settles in a week or so.

Just occasionally, as a result, you will need a minor revision procedure.
There is soreness rather than significant pain and this response to simple painkillers. Any numbness around the incision settles in a month or two and is rarely persistent.
Even if you opt for general anaesthesia, rather than a local, you are awake and home in no time.

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