What kind of scar revision treatment do you offer?

We at the Cadogan can influence scars in many ways with the Cadogan Scar Management system, but we cannot make scars disappear.

Some people make better scars than others and this is genetically determined. We now have a genetic test to see if you are one of those that make bad scars. A positive result does not mean you should avoid all surgery. You just have to be aware, pick your scars and surgeon and perhaps have the Cadogan Scar management system ready to come into action and mitigate the worst outcome. The Cadogan Clinic is the first place in the UK to offer this test.

Genetically poor scar formers tend to make hypertrophic and keloid scars.

The worst scars may require surgery to remove them to start again with a clean sheet. Contractures will be released and extra skin as a graft or flap introduced. Scar direction might be changed by the classic plastic surgery technique of Zplasty.

Good rapid healing without crushing of skin edges, no infection and no stitch marks is essential.

Silicone applied as a gel or sheet will improve scars and speed up maturation to a pale, painless scar.

Ikon laser treatment is the next line of treatment and will improve colour and itch and  discomfort to produce a higher quality scar.

Keloid and some hypertrophic scars my need extra treatment and this needs sympathetic and determined care by experienced doctors with steroid injection and perhaps radiotherapy.

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