What is the recovery time from breast augmentation surgery?

The recovery time from breast augmentation is quick. A keen sportsman does not want to lose fitness, so we have had marathon runners out there a few days after surgery well supported in a sports bra. Maybe this is not what most surgeons would recommend, but it is possible.

Essential dressings cover the wound and support the breasts. Your own supporting sports bra, measured to the new size, is enough and you will need to wear this day and night for 3 weeks and when exercising for 3 months. There is some variation between surgeons and depending exactly on the procedure.  We rarely use drains and stitches are dissolving.  Showering from 1 week is good, but do dry off well.

You can drive within a few days, but be careful with the seat belt. Work from home, if you can for a few days. A week away from the workplace is quite adequate.

The shape will be nice immediately, but it will improve as the skin stretches. A large implant under tight skin will take the longest before it becomes natural. It will look better at 3 months better still at 6 months, and really good at a year.

The size of the implants is also put into consideration since larger implants may require more dissection and stretching of tissues hence a significantly longer recovery time. Implantation through the subpectoral dual plane takes a slightly longer period for recovery as compared to implantation in the subglandular plane.

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