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What is the key to youthful skin?

It is a known fact that cleansing is vital to our daily skincare regime. It not only rids your skin of dirt accumulated throughout the day but also allows your products to work efficiently and effectively. However, Cadogan Cosmetics own Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto addresses the concept of double cleansing as the key to youthful skin on Good Housekeeping online. Dr Mahto believes that ‘cleansing once just isn’t enough given the wide range of filthy things our face comes into contact with.’ In addition there is plenty of evidence to suggest that environmental toxins and pollution could accelerate the ageing process and it therefore make sense to ensure the skin is cleansed thoroughly, something which perhaps cannot be achieved by only cleansing once.

Dr Mahto explains the process of double cleansing which involves the ‘use of an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser.’ The first cleanse is designed to remove remove sebum, make-up and sunscreen whilst the second cleanse targets sweat, bacteria and old skin cells. It is particularly important that at night our skin gets a thorough cleanse and thus allows any targeted products to be fully absorbed. It could therefore be argued that double cleansing could also be the answer to maintaining a youthful glow.

Why not follow Dr Mahto’s double cleansing regime and see the results for yourself?