What is the ICON laser system and how does it work?

The ICON Cynosure laser system is considered the next generation of light based FDA approved non-surgical treatments.  It uses advanced technology to deliver the safest, most effective and bespoke non-surgical treatments and is fully equipped to offer a full portfolio of solutions as it is essentially a multi-device unit.  It combines a fractional laser (similar in intensity to the Fraxel) and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology.

Uniquely, the ICON laser’s technology means that the machine has such a wide range of capabilities that it can provide different levels of treatments and meet various comfort and downtime requirements according to a patient’s individual needs.  For instance, its state of the art Skintel™ Melanin Reader detects a patient's melanin density to accurately diagnose skin tone, ensuring the appropriate level of laser is applied.  The machine also has built-in advanced features such as a cooling system for added skin protection and comfort.


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