What is the difference between IPL and laser skin resurfacing?

IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Skin Resurfacing are quite different treatments. An IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment consists of a series of high-intensity pulses of broad spectrum light, whereas Laser Skin Resurfacing delivers a direct beam of thermal energy to one specific target.

Laser Skin Resurfacing uses a laser beam focused on one specific wavelength and targets the very outer layers of the skin, which are removed, encouraging new skin to replace them. This process restores the smooth, even and fresh appearance that the skin tends to lose with age.

There are different types of Laser Skin Resurfacing. At Cadogan Clinic we offer mainly two: ClearLift & Pixel Perfect, each having its own specific benefits and advantages.

IPL, instead, emits pulses of broad spectrum light, which passes through several layers of skin at once, targeting only the unwanted cells.

IPL can improve the texture, quality, colour and health of your skin and treat multiple conditions simultaneously, such as the appearance of veins, capillaries, redness, age spots, blotchiness and freckles.

To discuss the different options of skin treatments available at Cadogan Clinic in relation to your personal requirements, we recommend booking a free consultation with one of our specialists.

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