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Are there alternative non surgical treatments for gynaecomastia?

Surgery is undoubtedly the most effective treatment but does need to be done by an experienced surgeon. We have in the past seen very poor results.

There will be some who wish to avoid surgery at all costs and they might consider the following.

Exercise and diet

+ The first place to start by changing your exercise and diet. It's completely free and might help reverse the body's metabolism. Since gynaecomastia is a least partially due to the build up of fatty tissue in the breast area, it only makes sense that you would want to minimize the amount of fat in your diet
+ When the body is unable to convert fat into energy, it must store it. That leads to fatty deposits and more fatty tissue. Thus, you may want to start thinking about methods to scale back your daily caloric intake or, at the very least, changing what and even how you eat on a daily basis.
+ Remember however you are only reducing the fatty element and not the more important glandular tissue
+  In terms of exercise, there are several ways to target the chest area that can help to tighten up the muscle in the area. As the muscle mass becomes more defined, it helps to reduce some of the "flabby" look of the chest area.
+ This extra muscle does accentuate the breasts by pushing them outwards. This is a problem for weightlifters even if they are not taking anabolic steroids.


+ If you suspect that your gynaecomastia is due to medical reasons rather than a hormonal imbalance, you can ask your doctor to experiment with different medications. Some men, for example, have experimented with getting testosterone replacement.
+ Other popular medications to try include anti-oestrogens, Danazol, Tamoxifen and Clomiphene.
+ These are all prescription medications and are not approved by the FDA.

Herbal creams

+ We do not know of any reputable studies to show that topical herbal creams help with this condition
+ There are several herbal creams on the market such as Gynexin

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