What is a chin augmentation (mentoplasty,genioplasty)?

The chin can be made stronger by augmentation by several techniques.

Let’s start with the simplest and that is the implantation by injection of filler. We would choose one that is firm and long lasting.  Simple as it is, it is highly effective and cost effective.

Fat grafting (lipofilling) is a little more sophisticated and is usually combined with adding contour over a wider area of the chin and face. It is virtually permanent.

There are also specific solid chin implants shaped to all chin contours available for a definitive procedure. These are made of a variety of materials. At the Cadogan Clinic these operations are done under local or TIVA, the Cadogan version of General Anaesthesia. An incision is under the chin or inside the mouth to insert and fix the implant. In effect this is altering the boney skeleton providing a better balance of facial features, particularly in profile. This corrects the weak and recessed chin.  As you might imagine, the other prominent feature of the profile is the nose. Chin augmentation or mentoplasy or genioplasty is often combined with a rhinoplasty for refinement to correct both the weak recessed chin and profile.

Although people undergo chin augmentation to improve their looks, severer problems become a deformity, where the teeth do not bite together properly. Eating, speech and teeth maintenance are now an issue and we call in our dental colleagues to move the teeth orthodontically or surgically. Jaw fracture and bone grafting may be needed.

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