What is buttock augmentation (Butt lift) by fat transfer?

Buttock augmentation by fat transfer is a procedure that moves excess fat from selected areas of your body to the buttocks. This augmentation procedure is a natural way to reshape your buttocks using tissue from your own body.

The alternative is to use Buttock Implants. This analogous to enlarging the breast with silicone implants. Implants are more commonly used in the breasts, but fat grafting has rapidly become more popular than implants for the Buttocks. Implants are less adaptable and cannot be customised to individual shapes. We regard buttock augmentation by fat transfer to be just part of remodelling the whole lower body and back. The fat we use for augmentation will have been carved out the lower back, loins and probably the thighs to recreate the sinuous curves of a ballet dancer.

Safety has become an issue as it is reported that some less well trained surgeons from the USA and Turkey have had deaths. 1 death in 3,000 operations is reported which is totally unacceptable.

It has been shown at post mortem (autopsy) that fat had wrongly been injected into the muscle and thence found its way into vessels leading to the heart, where it clogged vessels of the heart and lungs, killing the patient.
At the Cadogan Clinic we have exact protocols ensuring that only moderate amounts of fat are used and it is only implanted into subcutaneous fat. We have doing the procedure for some years without problems. We are the leading clinic in the Uk for this procedure.

Buttock augmentation by fat transfer (grafting) is also known as the “Brazilian butt lift” because this procedure helps create a buttock shape classically found and appreciated in Brazilian women. However, each buttock augmentation procedure is unique to the individual. The goal of the procedure is not to achieve a standard shape, but to boost the patient’s confidence by helping them achieve the precise look they are after. Make sure to be open and honest with your surgeon about your desired end goal and they will work hard to achieve your desired results.

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