What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure to raise the eyebrows. It is also known as a forehead lift. A brow lift not only improves brows and the forehead, but also the upper eyelids By raising the forehead and eyebrows, the skin of the upper eyelids is pulled upwards, sometimes making an eyelid reduction(blepharoplasty) unnecessary.

The brow lifts the skin and muscle at the level of the frontal bone and fixed at a higher level. This is usually carried out endoscopically, which is a minimally invasive technique via tiny incisions behind the hairline. The muscles that cause horizontal wrinkles and furrows are weakened by detaching them above the eyebrow reducing their power and effect. This creates a softer overall look that is more aesthetically pleasing.

You might be looking to have a brow lift, done if you have low sagging brows, or the skin under your brows is low and sagging. On the other hand, it could be just that you are looking to improve symmetry of the eyebrows and forehead.  Either way brow lifts tend to boost self-confidence.

Our facial structure tends to change with age. Bone resorbs, muscles sag and the eyebrow move lower along with the rest of the facial tissue. You are probably perfectly happy, but you appear constantly tired, sad, or even angry. It is frustrating to be told to cheer up when you perfectly happy. A simple brow lift can rejuvenate your appearance, making you look years younger and more vibrant.

A brow lift may be done in conjunction with eyelid surgery or a facelift, all done with minimal discomfort ,under Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (T.I.V.A.) as a day case. will be able to rest comfortably at home rather than having to stay overnight at the hospital.

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One should remember that non- surgical procedures and particularly the clever use of  Botox can go a long way towards producing the effect of a brow lift without the surgery!

Another modern adjunct is fat grafting (lipofilling). It is of huge importance in lifting the brow, when directed to the eyebrows and temples. This gives a more permanent result than the use of fillers.

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