What happens during the vaginal rejuvenation procedure at the Cadogan Clinic?

Once put to sleep usually under a general anaesthetic, your surgeon will begin your surgery.  A vaginal rejuvenation operation typically takes about 2 hours (depending on the procedures to be incorporated.)  It is treated on a day case basis, meaning that you are discharged to go home a few hours after your surgery.

The procedure is designed to tighten the vagina and is done by joining together the stretched muscle at the back of the vagina and therefore shortening it, using dissolvable stitches, and then removing excess vaginal lining and tightening the surrounding soft tissues.  The resulting decrease in the size of the vaginal cavity creates more friction during sexual intercourse, often described as giving a woman back the vagina she had before children.  When the muscles and ligaments in the vagina are tightened, they can then support the other internal structures including the bladder, bowel and womb (uterus).The perineum is often repaired as part of the treatment and the external labia can be reduced in size to improve overall comfort & appearance.

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