What are the treatment options for congenital penile curvature?

There is no effective medical treatment for congenital penile curvature as there is no scarred tissue to target. Therefore the only solution is surgery.

Surgical correction consists in the shortening of the longer, convex aspect of the shaft to make it even with the shorter, concave aspect. This is called tunica albuginea plication (TAP) or Nesbit procedure. Incision of the shorter side and grafting should not be offered as it gives poor results in patients with congenital penile curvature. This is because the curvature is more harmonic and not localized as in patients with Peyronie’s Disease. Fortunately, most patients with congenital penile curvature have an adequate penile size and therefore plication surgery will not cause excessive shortening. Straightening procedures are performed under general anaesthetic as a day case, are very reliable and safe in the hands of experienced, large volume surgeons like Mr Garaffa and patients can usually resume sexual activity four to six weeks afterwards

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