What are the side effects of liposuction?

At Cadogan Clinic we have 30 years experience pioneering liposuction treatments and have developed the best protocols for the best results with lowest level of risk. Whilst there are always minimal risks associated with all types of surgery, we take direct steps to mitigate these:

  • We treat all our patients in our own dedicated hospital in which we control and maintain standards to the highest levels.
  • All procedures are carried out as day cases, allowing patients to get home to their own home environment and reducing the risk of infection. Our post-operative infection rates are among the lowest in the country.
  • We only allow surgeons to practice who have demonstrated a track record of being amongst the most skilled in the country. With carefully selected techniques, we avoid uneven results.
  • We avoid techniques such as ultrasound Vaser which can burn the skin and cause collections of fluid (seroma) which have to be drained.
  • We provide comprehensive post-operative care at the hands of our expert team of cosmetic nurses.

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