What are the risks of Otoplasty?

Bleeding and bruising is the most common risk and there is always some swelling. The purpose of the head bandage is to reduce this risk and speed healing. The scars from the setting back of prominent ears (‘bat ears’) are behind the ear, but on occasions, these scars, in a susceptible person, can become hypertrophic, that is raised and pink, gradually resolving over some months, or even keloid with scars that continue to grow to the point where they may become visible. We can mitigate this with the Cadogan Clinic scar treatment.

Infection and necrosis, (loss of tissue) is unusual and would be treated early.

Asymmetry, where the ears are not exactly the same, is actually quite common, because the ears are often not comparable in the first place. Fortunately, it is quite difficult to see both ears at the same time to make this comparison.

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