What areas can be treated with liposuction?

Everyone has a genetically predetermined distribution of body fat cells. Some have wide hips and other thick ankles. Eating more increases the size of these cells and diet or exercise decreases the size. However, the relative proportions do not change. We often call the areas that we do not like and cannot diet away, stubborn areas of fat. It is this fat that can be so successfully removed by liposuction. We like to remove these limited areas as they are easily defined and photographed. Patients are delighted. Very often, we remove multiple areas of stubborn fat at one operation.

 Liposuction is suitable for fat removal from virtually any part of the body, but popular areas include:

Liposuction is suitable for fat removal from virtually any part of the body, but popular areas include:

+ chin and neck
+ upper arms
+ breasts
+ gynaecomastia (man boobs)
+ stomach
+ mons pubis
+ upper and lower back
+ buffalo hump
+ inner thighs
+ hips
+ loins
+ front of thighs
+ knees
+ ankles (cankles)

We can remove fat from anywhere so long as it is not too deep. That is subcutaneous fat, which is accessible. So, for instance, we can reduce the bulging abdomen, the beer belly, by removing the fat you can pinch between your fingers, but the visceral fat inside the abdominal cavity around the bowel remains. We can dramatically reduce the jawline and neck (double chin), but fat cheeks may require the surgical removal of the deep Buccal fat pads of Bichat.

Another concept is body sculpting, where we change the whole silhouette rather than just removing a bulge. A good example is to change the shapeless lower back, loins and buttocks of middle age back into the sinuous lines of youth. In this case, it is often advantageous to increase the pertness of the buttocks by transferring the fat removed as a graft to the upper buttocks (BBL, Brazilian Buttock Lift)

All treatments are done as day cases, small areas under local anaesthesia (Tumescent Technique). Most patients prefer to be asleep with the Cadogan TIVA (Total IntraVenous Anaesthesia). **Please insert link to the TIVA page**. They are quickly awake and fitat the end of the procedure, ready to go home.

 Sessions may include multiple treatment areas at one time and can be added onto other surgery, as for instance the Mummy Makeover, breast augmentation or face lift. Most surgeons do have a limit on the amount of body fat that can be lifted from the patient’s body in total, to a maximum of 5 litres. This is for the patient’s safety. The length of surgery is not so important.

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