What are the different surgeries offered for nipples?

Areola reduction – This is a swift and straightforward procedure that removes the excess brown area from around the nipple. Small reductions leave an inconspicuous scar around the base of the nipple. Larger reductions can leave a scar around the outside edge of the areola – both techniques can be carried out under local anaesthesia.

Nipple inversion - The nipple itself lies flat or inverts inwards towards the body rather than protruding in the normal way. This condition can occur from birth but in some cases, can develop later on in life. This is typically another swift and straightforward procedure that can be carried out under a local anaesthetic although different grades of inverted nipples require different complexities of surgery.

Nipple Reduction is carried out to reduce the height and width of the nipple whilst preserving its sensation a can be very effective at relieving embarrassment associated with this condition. It can be carried out under local anaesthetic as treatment as well as recovery is quick and straightforward.

Each of these surgical procedures is straightforward and can either be carried out on their own under a local anaesthetic or as part of a more complex breast procedure.

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