Differences between a non-surgical facelift and a surgical facelift?

Non-surgical facelifts are being touted as a viable alternative to a surgical facelift, but is it a better option? What are the main differences?

Non-Surgical Facelift

Plastic surgeons tend to be sceptical of non-surgical treatments. However, at the Cadogan Clinic we have been monitoring developments and are now highly impressed with non-surgical treatments and heartily recommend them particularly for younger patients.

 There are limits, however. It is very difficult to fix drooping, sagging older skin. with a non-surgical facelift. You simply cannot expect a 100% improvement of deep wrinkle lines and drooping skin with fillers and injections. And over time, fillers fade and need to be replenished with touch-ups.

For non-surgical facelifts, dermatologists and aestheticians at the Cadogan Clinic will recommend maintenance and anti-ageing creams as a routine. There are various laser treatments for red blood vessels, brown patches and wrinkles, chemical peels and the skin tightening Ultherapy. These treatments can be sufficient for some patients, depending entirely on the condition of the skin.

We should not forget that non-surgical treatments can help to maintain the good effects of surgery.

Surgical Facelift

With a surgical facelift, you can be sure that you will have incredible, lasting results. When it comes to drooping, sagging skin and deeply set wrinkles on the face, a facelift is the best option. Nowadays our cosmetic surgeons often suggest fat transplants for a fuller, more youthful face. This fat containing stem cells also improves skin quality.

Most patients never need to have another facelift after their first treatment. The results will be a natural, youthful look of 10-15 years younger.  If you are an actress playing Juliette, you may need a second lift to keep the part.

In the past, facelifts have received a bit of a bad reputation for giving clients a ‘wind tunnel’ or tightly pulled back look, an example of this would be certain American movie stars. However, those issues have long been a thing of the past, our cosmetic surgeons use only cutting-edge technology to ensure you have beautiful results that keep you looking natural.


The treatments available for non-surgical facelifts will delay the effects of ageing to a certain superficial level, but the emptiness of the face and folds of loose skin will require surgery. There are many different versions of surgery, which would be tailored to your condition. 

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