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What are ‘inverted nipples’ and what causes them?

Inverted nipple is a nipple or areola that forms an inverted nipple mound that points inward or flat from the normal curve of the chest. Inverted nipple can occur in one breast or both. Inverted nipple can occur in both men and women.

Inverted nipple can be classified in three grades:

- Grade 1: the inverted nipple can easily be pulled outwards, and reacts to stimulation
- Grade 2: the inverted nipple can be pulled outward but reverts quickly original shape
- Grade 3: the inverted nipple cannot be pulled outward at all

Inverted nipple reduction surgery is typically necessary in instances of Grade 2 and Grade 3.

‘Inverted nipple’ can be caused by genetics, as well as an array of external factors including age, breast feeding, or injury.

By far the most effective treatment for ‘inverted nipple’ is inverted nipple reduction surgery. Inverted nipple surgery takes less than an hour and takes place under local anaesthetic.

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How can you fix a protruding nipple?

A protruding nipple can be fixed by trimming the skin and bulk of the nipple to shrink its overall size. It is similar to other procedures that remove excess tissue from the body, but in this case, the procedure is on a much smaller scale and scars insignificant.

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What are inverted nipples?

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What are inverted nipples?

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What are puffy nipples?

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What are puffy nipples?

Puffy nipples occur when the nipples or areolas form a puffy nipple mound away from the normal curve of the chest.

Where can I get my implant removed?

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Our expert surgeons carry out breast implant removal and breast implant replacement surgery here at the Cadogan Clinic. This surgery involves removing…

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