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Mr. Franklin Discusses Innovative Techniques at CX Venous Workshop

Mr. Franklin Discusses Innovative Techniques at CX Venous Workshop

Focusing on superficial venous issues, yesterday’s CX Venous Workshop invited delegates to discover new techniques, with a hands-on approach, and speak to experts across the different fields of phlebological practice. Covering techniques from endothermal ablation to diagnostic venous ultrasound, the session was a “unique opportunity” for delegates to expand on the technical aspects of the CX Venous Main Programme.

Course director and Cadogan Clinic’s Vascular Surgeon Mr. Ian Franklin, explained, “You can walk up to a member of the training faculty who is an expert in that field. All of our participants are experts, and here they can interact over different techniques and share their experiences.”

Speaking to CX Daily News, he commented, “This year, we have run the venous plenary day ahead of the Workshop, which really set the scene for what was coming. The Venous Workshop is a way of extending discussion time by two more days.”

For the first time, the Workshop featured a lymphoedema section, highlighting groundbreaking imaging solutions, genetic research, and novel treatment techniques.

Mr. Franklin is one of the UK’s leading experts in vascular surgery and has also performed the highest volume of VNUS Closure procedures in the UK (over 650).

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