Thigh Gap in Youth & Middle Age

The thigh gap is the triangular gap between the upper thighs of a slim standing woman with both feet together. It is trendy and naughty, bringing focus on the genitalia above. Having a better thigh gap gives a better sense of self-worth.

The thigh gap has been a standard for measuring thinness in the modelling industry for some time and has been taken up as a new standard for beauty. The thigh gap is often associated with fragility, being feminine and is an important aspect of physical attractiveness. However, to many eyes, it is, at the extreme, a sign of anorexia and the size zero model.

Let us analyze the anatomy and see how it can be achieved and still retain healthy robustness.

The femur or thigh bone angles out from the knee towards the hip joint. It is this angle, made by the shape of the femur and the width of the pelvis, that provides the basis. Overlying the bone are muscles and, in particular, the gracilis and adductor muscles, with an origin on the inner pelvic bone. They are the side wall of the gap. Then comes the subcutaneous inner thigh fat pad and skin. We can sculpt the fat and the skin, but not the muscle or bone.

You cannot selectively diet or exercise away particular areas of fat. It is all or nothing. Beware the extreme dieters who diet away muscle as well as fat and achieve the gaunt skeletal look of the catwalk. You are safe to exercise and build muscle. It will not destroy the thigh gap, nor will it create one. It is the fixation to the bone that counts.

We can create a thigh gap in most people by removing fat non-surgically with SculpSure or by liposuction. The limitation is the underlying muscle and bone.

With weight gain and in later life the fat pad can build up to become an unsightly bulge squashed against the other side. Liposuction gives gratifying relief and may be extended down the inner thigh to the knee. Surplus skin retracts, but a few will need skin removed to give a smooth result. This is the inner thigh lift.

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