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The Skincare Bible by Dr Mahto

The Skincare Bible by Dr Mahto

Monday, April 9, 2018

Dr Anjali Mahto has launched The Skincare Bible, a no-nonsense guide to great skin.

As one of the UK's leading dermatologists, Dr Mahto understands beauty products and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and debunking myths about the latest fads and miracle products and cures. With so much conflicting information, the beauty industry can be a minefield to navigate and Dr Mahto's book gives practical, evidence-based advice to arm individuals with the very best, most honest information.

Content from The Skincare Bible was inspired by questions Dr Mahto is most frequently asked. It includes an overview of the skin "A Crash Course in Skin" and then goes on to explore topics such as skin care regimes, hormones, lifestyle and specific skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, age spots and dark eye circles. As we strive to retain our youthful appearance and embrace anti-ageing treatments and skincare, Dr Mahto explores the latest creams, gels, acids and treatments to help delay or improve the visible signs of ageing. There is even a lazy girl guide to anti-ageing!

Order the book here.

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