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Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Who’s Who Lists Numerous Cadogan Consultants

Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Who’s Who Lists Numerous Cadogan Consultants

The annual Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2014 has featured four Surgeons based at Cadogan Cosmetics. Describe by Ravi Grover the president of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons as “the bible for patients researching cosmetic treatments” the Tatler guide has become the essential whose who of established and up and coming Doctors in this field.


Best for Facelifts – Caroline Mills Oral and Maxi facial Surgeon

If it’s a woman’s touch you are after, Mills is the hot ticket. Trained under star surgeons Jan Stanek, she is a top maxio-facial surgeon (which means she has degrees in both medicine and dentistry) and focuses on addressing age-related changes in bone structure rather than just yanking up flesh. Her patients range from teenagers with out-of-proportion jaws and chins to older patients seeking cheekbone or orbital rim implants. The latter are a good alternative to fat grafting – Mills uses a material called Medpor to get rid of that sunken-eye look. Highly approachable and wonderfully emphatic, she’s a brilliant hand holder and has practices in London and Windsor.


Best for Eyes – Dr Maryam Zamani Oculoplastic Surgeon

Trained in the States, Dr Zamani is tremendous proactive and focuses not only on upper-and lower- eyelid correction but also on the texture and the quality of the skin on your entire face. She creates plans for her patients that might include laser work, injections or chemical peels on the lower eyelids, which tighten the skin in combination with surgery, for flawless results. She also has brilliant solutions for younger people who could perhaps swerve the scalpel. The ipixel laser, for example, perforates the skin with little dots of thermal injury, causing it to build new collagen and elastin. “As we age, the eyelid-to-cheek junction gets longer to”, she says “so I put some filler there to stop the gap”. This is a woman who always sees the bigger picture.


Best for Breasts, Tummies and Intimate Areas – Patrick Mallucci

Wonder bras or comfy hammock? What ever your size, Mallucci can perfect your proportion. He is internationally feted for his research into what constitutes an attractive bust (a tough job) but someone has got to do it. His Medical panel sructinised pictures of 100 Page 3 girls (natural breast only) and found four key featured dominated; the lower half of the breast was fuller then the upper half; the nipple angled skywards; the upper breast mildly dipped to create an attractive profile; and the whole had a tight convex nature. “The more you deviate from these parameters the stranger a breast looks” says Mallucci. “My job is to try to replicate this formula with the most precise surgical calculations, but we are moving away from pumping up the volume. Balloon-like breasts are out and we are aiming for a more natural approach”.


Best for Legs – Bryan Mayou

When faddy diets and exercise routines are just not shifting your excess baggage, make Mayou your first port of call, liposuction is his specialist subject and, as well as riding you of those rather obvious tummy and thighs, he can subtly slim ankles and get rid of the dreaded knee droop. He uses Body-Jet, a water-assisted technique that acts like a pressure washer, knocking fat loose so that it is instantly ready for grafting to deflated areas such as Breasts. All procedures are performed as day cases and his brilliant Anesthetist Alex Oliver uses TIVA (Total Intravenous Anesthesia) and a sophisticated EEG gadget that wraps around the head to measure brain waves so he can put you into the lightest sleep – no waking up feeling groggy or sick. Mayou also has solution for fixing turkey necks – the Cadogan Swan Neck Lift uses a technique called Z-plasty, a Z-shaped cut that tighten the skin and the underlying muscle.

Cadogan Cosmetics is a state of the art cosmetic clinic based in the heart of Chelsea. Purpose-built facilities, friendly staff, and home to some of the best surgeons in the world.

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