Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells which continually renew themselves through their ability to indefinitely reproduce and transform themselves into every type of cell in a living organism. When the body is young it holds a large number of these cells, keeping the body young – however with age, the concentration of cells decreases and with it our body’s ability to renew itself. By introducing new fat-derived stem cells into the desired area, this creates an "inoculation of youth" and allows the body to regenerate itself using its own adult stem cells.

The Cadogan Clinic has pioneered the use of stem cells derived from fat tissue (adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells) using techniques at the forefront of aesthetic medicine.  Stem cell injections are currently used on the hands, face, neck and chest areas and can also be used effectively for hair regrowth, breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, in isolation, and in combination with other treatments.

Stem cells can be used to create natural-looking results:

+ In the rejuvenation of the face
+ On the neck and chest area correcting age-related tissue loss
On the back of the hands to treat the "marbled" look that appears with age due to tissue loss
On the hair where it can retain and return week and dull hair to healthy and full-bodied
In the breast during augmentation or reconstructive surgery

How are stem cells produced, how is the treatment done?

During the procedure, fat tissue is harvested from the body using liposuction under light sedation or local anaesthesia. The amount of fat varies depending on the area of application. Using a procedure that involves mechanically separating and then centrifuging the fat tissue in a closed sterile system, the stem cells are then separated from the fat. After 1 to 2 hours, stem cell isolation is complete, creating a stromal vascular fraction (SVF) of concentrated adult stem cells which are then injected into the required area. This method is extremely effective and safe when carried out by an experienced and expert team.

In Summary:

It is an autologous procedure, using only the patient’s own adult cells
It involves no allergy risk
No lengthy rest time is needed post-treatment
The procedure is pain-free
It is very durable
Bruises and oedema are very rare
It is carried out under sedation or local anaesthesia

Stem Cell Treatment For Breasts

Stem cell treatment on the breasts removes excess fat and adds volume and vitality onto the breast area.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Face

Your face is renewed in the healthiest and most natural way with stem cell-rich tissue injections.

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Stem Cell Treatment For Hair

Your hair rejuvenates and strengthens using your own cells.

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Stem Cell Treatment For Hands

Reversing the effects of ageing on the back of your hands is possible using your own cells.

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