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Should we still be wearing sunscreen through Lockdown?

Should we still be wearing sunscreen through Lockdown?

Monday, May 11, 2020

We have made lots of changes to our daily routines throughout lockdown – many of us are enjoying a 20 second commute to work, Zooming in our pyjamas, sleeping in every morning, skipping the odd hair wash, and enjoying the comfort of leisurewear all day long. Our beauty routines have also experienced a "makeunder" with many of us skipping the makeup application, however should we still be wearing sunscreen throughout lockdown?

Dr Susan Mayou advises not to scrimp on the sunscreen! "Suncream is the best and cheapest anti-ageing product, "It has been clinically proven to slow down the effects of ageing on the skin," she told Yahoo! News.

Whilst going outdoors for daily exercise or enjoying the sunshine from your garden or balcony, it's important to use sunscreen to get the very best protection, particularly when sun is at its strongest. Even if you are sitting inside and enjoying the rays through the window, you are still at risk of UV damage. Even though you may not burn through the window, the UV exposure can cause premature ageing.

Dr Mayou advises to apply SPF30+ (SPF50 is preferable) as part of the morning skincare routine. Cleanse and moisturise the skin before applying sunscreen. People with pale skin and children should use a SPF50 to ensure ultimate protection. If you don't like the idea of using too many products on the face, a tinted sunscreen may give a more cosmetically acceptable appearance.

Because the active ingredients in sunscreen deteriorate over time, (usually a year after being opened) Dr Mayou urges the importance of replacing them annually and adhering to the used by date.

Dr Mayou stresses the importance of not letting the skin burn, if it turns pink in the sun it has burned which can cause long term damage! Despite people striving for the "healthy glow" from the sun, tanning is actually a sign of skin damage and is not healthy.

Many of us are eager to reap the benefits of vitamin D, especially given the lovely weather we have been experiencing. Vitamin D is very important for the immune system and function of the body and muscles. Around 10-15 minutes a day without sun protection is an adequate amount of time, however this dependent on the skin type and strength of the sun at the particular time of day, so a sensible approach needs to be taken by all. People with red hair, very light skin, fair skin and those with freckles are more susceptible to burning so should therefore approach with caution.

The Cadogan Clinic Dermatology Clinic throughout COVID-19

The Cadogan Clinic is running remote consultations and guidance for all medical dermatology concerns throughout the COVID-19 crisis and the Clinic will remain open for time-critical medical dermatology concerns and skin cancer removal.