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The Cadogan Clinic is currently offering a reduced service in light of the government's January lockdown guidelines.

All of our services will be delivered in line with the UK government's social distancing measures and fully compliant with all PPE guidance from Public Health England and NHS England.

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Should I consider not having a breast reconstruction?

Having a breast reconstruction or not is a highly personal decision. It is important to understand that it is your choice, and your choice alone.

Some women choose not to have their breast reconstructed at all and feel that a flat chest is a better acknowledgement and expression of their post- breast cancer personality. Others are happy to simply wear a prosthetic breast in their bra rather than have to undergo more surgery, although some women find it restricts their choice of clothing.

Talking to other women who have undergone treatment is an important step to understanding what the right path is for you. Likewise your friends, family and the health professionals looking after you can help you come to the right decision for you.
The good news is that if you choose not to have a reconstruction initially, you can still consider a delayed reconstruction at a later date if you change your mind. Excellent results will still be possible for you at this later date.

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Where can I get my implant removed?

Our expert surgeons carry out breast implant removal and breast implant replacement surgery here at the Cadogan Clinic. This surgery involves removing the old breast implants and, if desired, replacing them with new ones.

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