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Sensitive Skin in the Sun

Sensitive Skin in the Sun

Dr. Granite agrees that sensitive skin is at a higher risk. She says: “An impaired skin barrier can definitely make skin more susceptible to sun damage. Pigment disorders such as vitiligo also cause skin to be more sensitive to UV radiation and can increase the risk of skin cancer in those areas.”

Dr. Mahto also agrees that sensitive skin is at a higher risk, particularly if you suffer from skin conditions like rosacea. She says: “it’s extremely important to use sunscreen daily to help manage rosacea, as UV radiation is one of the common triggers. Ideally an SPF of 50 should be worn that provides broad-spectrum, UVA and UVB protection.” However, Dr. Mahto also remarks that sunlight “can help conditions such as psoriasis to clear up, but the benefits of this must be weighed up against the potential skin cancer risk and SPF30+ or above is still recommended”.

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