Plexr (which stands for Plasma Exeresis) is a patented new technology which works through the non-ablative process of ‘’sublimation’’ to remove excess skin without the need for invasive surgical cutting. (Sublimation means the transition of a substance from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid phase.)  The process that occurs during treatment is that plasma is formed through the ionisation of gas, which works to stimulate the contraction, shortening and tightening of skin fibres, resulting in the reduction of the skin surface.

There is no transfer of heat to surrounding tissues so no damage is caused to normal skin and there is no electrical current which can cause complications for some patients.  The device itself, which has received CE approval, comprises of three wireless handpieces (white, green and red) that each offer varying degrees of treatment. 

Plexr is most commonly used for: 

Eyelid reduction – non-surgical blepharoplasty
Brow lifting
Lines and wrinkles
Scars & stretch marks
Acne (active or acne scarring)
Skin tightening e.g. neck & jowls

Plexr is a safe and effective solution and patients will see instant results including reduction in skin folds and creases immediately after their first plexr session.  The treated area(s) will continue to improve for 3 months after treatment - so it is important to remain patient.  Results are usually monitored at 2 and 6 weeks post-treatment. 

The treatment is permanent and works by setting a new skin laxity baseline, however, the skin will continue to age and eventually you may see problems such as wrinkles or sagging skin re-appear (usually after 5+ years following initial treatment).  Plexr treatments can be repeated to improve these signs of ageing. 

Plexr has less downtime than many surgical alternatives (5 days compared to 14 days with surgery), it is safer (no general anaesthetic), has more reliable results (i.e. no asymmetrical eyelids or potential ptosis) and is significantly cheaper than surgical treatment options.  More extensive facial ageing concerns may not be solved with Plexr alone e.g. significant skin laxity and droop may require surgical intervention. 

Plexr can also treat both active acne and acne scarring.  Active acne will not re-emerge in treated areas, so it is particularly effective in preventing acne breakouts. Results again can be seen very quickly and fewer treatment sessions are generally required than alternative treatment options including; chemical peels, creams or Roaccutane courses.  Skin remains comfortable following treatment and regular check-ups or blood tests are not required.

Plexr can also remove large skin lesions without leaving any scars so is a highly preferable option for removing lesions located in prominent or obvious areas.

After cleansing the skin an anaesthetic cream is applied 20-30 minutes prior to treatment.  Patients can open or close their eyes throughout the procedure, allowing practitioners to target all areas effectively.   Once the session is complete, a medical grade foundation/concealer is applied to the treated area to conceal any discolouration and medication can be prescribed for pain relief should a patient require. 

The area will need to remain clean and dry and patients should not expose their skin to the sun for approximately 30 days post-treatment.  Patients will also need to schedule 2 more appointments with their consultant to monitor healing and results.

Pricing starts from £1200 


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