Pigmentation & Freckles

Pigmentation & Freckles are types of hyperpigmentation caused through damage to the skin cells DNA, particularly cells that produce melanin or pigment. Damage can be caused typically through sun exposure, age or trauma.

Freckles are small brown spots and mostly occur on people with fair skin and are especially prevalent on people who have red hair. They typically occur as a result of sun exposure on children; increased time spent in the sun will inevitably result in more freckles and the darker they will become. Freckles are inherited in the same way as fair skin and red hair. The religious use of sunscreen is imperative in reducing the severity of them. In most cases, freckles fade.


Brown patches of uneven skin tone known as pigmentation are caused by sun exposure, UVA rays in particular which penetrate deeper into the skin. Taking up to 20 years to develop, pigmentation is associated with ageing, but other triggers can include hormone levels, contraceptive pill and pregnancy.

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