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Plans to remove overseas medical staff from the cap on skilled works

Sajid Javid plans to remove overseas medical staff from the annual cap on skilled works

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Author: By B.J Mayou, MB ChB FRCS

The Cadogan Clinic is an exclusive private day surgery hospital in the centre of London. We rely on staff who are enthusiastic, passionate about their jobs, highly skilled, professional and friendly.

Many of the staff we employ, who fulfil this job description, were born abroad (up to 75% of patient-facing staff). Each of these individuals are charming and with a good work ethic, and we could not continue without them.

It is with relief that we hear of Sajid Javid’s plans to remove the annual cap on nurses and doctors coming to work in the UK. Our existing staff will feel relieved and secure, and we hope that they can persuade their friends and colleagues to follow them to a life in the UK.

However, there is another group of staff and that is patient-facing staff who do not have qualifications, such as the healthcare assistants (HCAs) and cleaning staff. They are equally important to the running of a hospital and create the smart, efficient environment that we need in order to deliver an excellent service and patient experience. It is proposed that those from the EU might be able to stay for a limited period of time on the payment of a small fee. It would be nice to make this permanent so that they can feel secure and make their life in the UK. These are good people, equal to those born within our borders, that we do not want to discourage.

Finally, there is the non-EU group who are equally positive contributors, doing good work in healthcare. This includes workers from Asia, especially Filipinos who support clinics like our own and in care homes for the elderly, ill and those with cognitive decline around the country. We believe that workers coming to these particular industries should be given encouragement rather than the cold shoulder. They are good to us, and we should be good to them.