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Our Laser Experts Discuss Acne Scar Treatments with Glamour

Our Laser Experts Discuss Acne Scar Treatments with Glamour

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Consultant Plastic Surgeon and laser expert Mr Ernest Azzopardi, and Senior Aesthetician Safae Yemlahi were featured on Glamour in an article about addressing acne scars with laser treatments.

There are many different types of acne scars including sunken, atrophic (the most common form), hypertrophic, cobblestone, box-car and ice-pick; all of which affect the skin differently and require a different approach to treating.

With the progression of technology comes the progression of energy devices which can be used to treat scarring:

Radio-frequency devices use energy to heat the tissue, which in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. There has been a real innovation in radio-frequency with a new volumetric remodelling machine called EnerJet which delivers medication into the skin at very high pressure, blasting the scar and filling the cavity with medication to replenish collagen.

Non-ablative lasers use heat to produce more collagen in the scar. A few treatments are required as this is a gentle procedure with minimal downtime.

Full beam lasers address the entire suffice, delivering excellent results, however, there is an increased downtime period.

Colour lasers work by targeting the colour of the scar – if your scar is red it will focus on this colour.

With any laser treatment, it is important to stress that the skill lies in the hands of the practitioner and a bespoke approach should be taken when treating acne scarring. It is also imperative that after-care programmes are adhered to, especially using SPF50+ to protect the skin which will become sensitive to the effects of UV rays post-treatment.


To read the full article, visit the Glamour Magazine website

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