Our Approach

We were founded in 2008 to provide a different kind of healthcare.

We pride ourselves on being a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence within the UK, where every patient is treated by the most appropriate practitioner, or team of practitioners, with all procedures delivered under one roof.

We have always remained doctor-led, enabling a continuing commitment to innovation. This includes an annual Surgical Fellowship to support the next generation of pioneering specialists.

Our patients choose us because:

  • We provide leading healthcare in a discreet setting – we replicate the best of London's exceptional hospitals on a boutique scale. As we invite only the leading consultants to practice here, you can always be assured of seeing one of the country's top specialists
  • We provide holistic care, tailored for each patient – we were created as an antidote to fragmented private healthcare, taking responsibility for your worries in their totality. We bring together multi disciplines in-house with consultants working collaboratively on your treatment plan. We have onsite operating theatres, diagnostic facilities and a laser suite to ensure all your care can take place under one roof.
  • We offer Doctor-led innovation – as a consultant-owed and led clinic we are best placed to introduce the latest evidence-based technologies. We have pioneered many surgical and laser treatments, and were the first day case only cosmetic surgery provider in the country. We remain a Centre-of-Excellence, supported by ongoing surgical training and clinical research programmes. 

Cadogan Clinic Ethos

The four pillars that make up the Cadogan Clinic ethos were developed by the Clinic team and refreshed every three years. They determine how we act, and how we grow.

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