Body Treatments

The Cadogan clinic is proud to offer its patients the newest non-surgical treatment solution for fat removal.  The world’s first thermal laser designed to target tricky problem areas and improve the shape and contour of your body. 

Sculposure is the latest in non-surgical fat removal method that can permanently reduce up to 25% of fat in just 25 minutes.  Whether you require the newest, most effective laser hair removal technology, most advanced skin tightening techniques or fastest, permanent, pain free fat removal, we can offer you unparalleled results and ongoing expert care.

Burns & Scarring

Burns remain one of the most common injuries, and the majority of these are relatively minor. The Cadogan Clinic offers a number of cutting-edge techniques to improve the look and feel of burn scar tissue.

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Hair Removal

Suitable for the face and body, a course of treatments is usually required at four to eight a weekly intervals to follow the hair growth cycle. The treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and free from both unsightly hairs and painful in-grown hairs.

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Laser Fat Reduction

For patients who are looking for a non-surgical treatments to reduce unwanted, SculpSure™ is an FDA approved laser treatment which works by heating up and destroying fat cells in targeted areas, known as lipolysis.

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Stretch Marks

A number of treatments have been used to treat stretch marks and include creams derived from vitamin A, many classes of lasers, and other treatments.

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Vein Removal

Thread veins, or spider veins, are very small veins which can be seen on the skin as thin bluish-red lines, and often appear on the face and legs. Whilst thread veins do not cause any symptoms or pain, their visibility can cause distress and insecurity in those affected. Our cutting-edge dual yellow laser technology is able to provide a highly effective treatment that yields quick and permanent results.

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