Mr Tiryaki on Fat Grafting & Stem Cell Injections

Mr Tiryaki on Fat Grafting & Stem Cell Injections

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Mr Tunc Tiryaki, Plastic Surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic has been invited to speak at the BAPRAS conference “New Frontiers in Fat Grafting”, which reviews the latest innovations in fat transfer to all areas of the body.

Mr Tunc Tiryaki is a pioneer in stem cell assisted mini face-lifts that deliver natural results without visible scarring or extensive surgical procedures. He is renowned globally for his minimally invasive procedures, micro-lifting techniques and regenerative cell injections.

The New Frontiers in Fat Grafting programme will comprise experts in their respective fields covering Science and Regeneration, Nano & Micro (small and large volumes of fat transfer), Breast Augmentation and Asymmetry & Reconstruction.

Mr Tiryaki’s topics at “The New Frontiers in Fat Grafting” will include:

  • Regenerative surgery simplified: Stem cell isolation and treatment techniques
  • Holistic periorbital rejuvenation: Fat grafting and percutaneous blepharoplasty
  • The neck – combinations of knife and the needle
  • Stem cell enriched fat injections in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery: Tips and tricks to ensure success

Fat is recognised as one of the body’s most important sources of stem cells.  Fat grafting has become increasingly popular in cosmetic and medical surgery in recent years, helping to regenerate the skin, restore volume and shape and repair damage. The procedure involves the removal of unwanted fat via liposuction which is then purified and re-injected into another area of the body, typically the face, neck, breasts, buttocks or hands.

The Cadogan Clinic is the home of liposuction with Founder Mr Bryan Mayou introducing the procedure to the UK over 35 years ago. Since this time, Mr Mayou and the esteemed team of surgeons at the Cadogan Clinic have continued to lead and innovate in the field of fat and liposuction techniques.

The New Frontiers in Fat Grafting conference will be taking place at the Royal Society of Medicine on 3rd September, 2018.

For further information on fat grafting or to book a consultation with Mr Tiryaki please contact the team on 0808 223 0703.