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Mr Mayou talks BBL with the BBC

Mr Mayou talks BBL with the BBC

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Mr Bryan Mayou has been interviewed by BBC News on the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, which is getting much press attention following the fatality of a 29 year old British mother of 3, who underwent the surgery abroad.

Mr Mayou told the BBC that the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is not considered to be any more dangerous than many other types of cosmetic surgery when the correct technique is used. "The danger is the surgery being performed by unqualified surgeons outside a clinical setting without appropriate aftercare," he comments.

"If fat is incorrectly injected deep into muscle tissue and lower down on the buttocks, there is a risk of incorrectly injecting fat directly into large veins or indirectly via the lymphatic system. "The fat, now an embolus, can pass around the bloodstream, into the lungs causing death."

There has been a noticeable increase in BBL procedures over the past four years with key drivers being celebrity culture, with the like of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner influencing the public with their curvier physiques and rounded posteriors. He believes the BBL trend is a current fad as years ago patients were opting for liposuction to make their bottoms smaller.

"We live in an ethnically diverse world and there is an appreciation of different body shapes from our own, and then these techniques become available that make these shapes achievable," says Mr Mayou.

As a leading cosmetic surgery practice, committed to raising industry standards and educating the public, the team at the Cadogan Clinic urge patients not to enter any surgery without fully understanding the procedure and the potential risks involved.

For a full checklist for surgery in the UK or abroad please see: Medical Tourism Checklist

To read the full article from the BBC here.