New Mole Check for Summer

A rise in skin cancer cases prompted us to launch our new Mole Check to help with early detection and treatment of cancerous moles.

In conjunction with the British Skin Foundation, we aim to protect as many people as possible from skin cancer by diagnosing cancerous moles at the earliest possible stage. A recent study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, predicted a 78.2% increase in the most common skin cancers (Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma) over the next decade, so it is imperative we are vigilant in our approach to both sun and mole care.

Our new Mole Check is designed to remove the worry for our patients in the most efficient and effective way possible. Launching in time for summer, it includes a full mole check & dermoscopy, mole map, one mole removal, histology and report for £699*.

Cadogan Clinic is the only mole check in the UK approved by the British Skin Foundation.

Please note: this package is only available over the summer months.

It is not applicable to all Dermatologists at Cadogan Clinic and depends on availability at time of booking.

Your Patient Advisor will confirm which appointments are available when booking. 

An initial consultation with a Dermatologist where they will ask you questions about your general health. Make sure you tell the doctor about any spots or moles you have which are sore, changing, abnormal or new.

A comprehensive, computer controlled Mole Map of your entire body. Our mole mapping technology allows us to spot even subtle changes to moles over time.

If there is a mole that the Dermatologist is concerned about, they will examine it using a high powered skin surface microscope to check for melanoma.

We have three fully staffed operating theatres on site for the rapid removal of worrisome moles. For those in more visible places, a Consultant Plastic surgeon can perform the procedure to minimise any risk of scarring.

Once your mole has been removed it will be sent for further tests. The only way to know for certain whether a removed mole requires further attention is to send it for histology analysis to check whether the mole is cancerous or not.

Every mole check patient is always seen by a Consultant Dermatologist, not a nurse. You will be provided with a full report on the findings of your mole map, as well as recommendations for further treatment and how often to return to check any concerning moles.


Mole Check Package

Mole Check by Dermatologist*

Full body Mole Map


One mole removal


Report from Dermatologist


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Not applicable to all Dermatologists at Cadogan Clinic and depends on availability.
Your Patient Advisor will confirm which appointments are available when booking. 

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