The Mandelic Peel Reviewed by My Beauty Matches

The Mandelic Peel Reviewed by My Beauty Matches

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The editor of My Beauty Matches, a website dedicated to matching beauty and skincare products and treatments with individual requirements, reviewed the Mandelic Peel at the Cadogan Clinic.

Having booked a consultation for a yellow laser treatment, the aesthetician advised the journalist that this particular treatment was not suitable for her skin type and recommended the Mandelic Peel to address her pigmentation concerns.

Ideal for all skin types including dark and sensitive skin, the mandelic peel is a gentle chemical peel, working to accelerate cell turnover which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark patches, pigmentation, acne blemishes, blackheads and other common skin concerns. They can also be effective for treating damaged skin, repair sun damage and the gentle nature also means they are safe for use on skin affected by Rosacea.

The treatment:

The skin is prepared to thoroughly cleanse it, removing any surface oil so the solution can penetrate effectively.

The mandelic acid solution is applied and after a few minutes, a warm sensation may be experienced. It is only left on for a few minutes before a neutralising solution is applied and the peel is then removed.

The skin may be sensitive for a few days’ post treatment and it is common for patients to experience dry, flakey and red skin during this time.


As with many treatments, results can take time to work the effects of a mandelic peel will be visible 2-3 weeks post-treatment, revealing soft, glowing skin. A course may be prescribed to help improve skin concerns and get the very best results.

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