In men, circumcision is sometimes considered a possible treatment option for the following conditions:

phimosis (tight foreskin) – this occurs where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the penis. This can be particularly painful when the penis is erect.

paraphimosis - where after being pulled back, the foreskin can't return to its original position, causing pain and swelling. In this case immediate treatment is needed.

recurrent balanitis – where the foreskin and head of the penis become inflamed and infected.

balanitis xerotica obliterans – a condition that causes phimosis.

cancer of the penis – a very rare type of cancer that can occur in men, where a red patch, wart-like growth or ulcer appears on the end of the penis or under the foreskin

In most cases, circumcision will only be recommended when other, less invasive and less risky treatments have been tried and haven't worked.

All circumcisions at the Cadogan Clinic are performed by our award-winning Consultant Uro-Andrologist, Mr Giulio Garaffa who has over 20 years’ international medical experience in this area. Mr Garaffa has a global reputation for his excellence in urology and is one of the leading experts in the treatment of foreskin diseases, including circumcision and frenuloplasty.