Luxury lifestyle website 7*LIFE review

Luxury lifestyle website 7*LIFE review

Our wonderful nurse practitioner Libbie Wallace received a fantastic review on luxury lifestyle website 7*LIFE after treating journalist Mitra Wicks with her first experience of dermal fillers and botox.

Libbie is renowned for her impeccable hand and expert results and Mitra, who has always been a lover of natural beauty, was not disappointed with the natural, rejuvenating results.

After a consultation with Libbie where Mitra discussed her areas of concern, the treatment plan was devised to address the loss of volume in Mitra's cheeks and lips, contour the jawline and smooth lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

Libbie has vast knowledge and skill in skin rejuvenation, always striving to exceed patient expectations. Her product knowledge is extensive; Libbie has a deep understanding of the best treatments and product combinations to address specific concerns, whilst delivering results that enhance and refine.

'My jawline and chin area now looks more defined, my cheeks gloriously plumper, forehead completely smooth and line-free (Hallelujah for Botox!) and my lips now graced with a perfect angel pout. Libbie Wallace – you work miracles. Subtly...'