What is recovery from liposuction like?

The results of liposuction typically come in stages, varying by individual. You’ll likely see some results immediately after surgery, but swelling and bruising are normal and can take weeks to resolve. Some residual swelling can persist for several months. Most people see good results from 6 weeks but final results 6 - 12 months after surgery.

It is completely normal to experience minor swelling, bruising and tenderness following liposuction, but bruising will subside completely within 3 weeks. 

You can usually commence normal daily activities and exercise as soon as you are comfortable, but in general the only restriction is to wait until your stitches are removed (7-10 days post surgery). Sometimes when large amounts of fat are removed patients are somewhat anaemic and need to take iron for a few weeks and you may be asked to wear a support garment to reduce bruising and swelling.

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